We provide specialized training focused on the development of technical and soft skills.

We have administrative, basic and specialized technical courses.

Principle Courses

  • Automation
  • Quality
  • Community Manager
  • Business Leadership
  • Environment and Energy
  • Marketing
  • Equipment Operation and Maintenance
  • Business Plan
  • Industrial Security
  • Process Simulation
  • Systems

Main areas of training

Professional Development

Technological Updating

Industry 4.0

Industrial Safety

Technician Training

Processes and Quality Certification

Our People

We have more than 400 training subjects. We have integrated a team of 200 specialists, who are brought together in committees to design courses with the best content, according to the needs of our clients.
Our advisors are widely recognized professors and retirees in the subject they teach.

The training sessions are greatly enhanced by their field expertise, sharing clear examples that will help improve the performance of the skills and abilities of the course attendees.

Registration of Our Courses

Our courses are registered by the Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social (STPS), so at the end of the training we grant the DC-3 skills certificate.


  • We have provided technical and specialized training to companies for more than 30 years.
  • We have extensive experience in the area of developing solutions for automation and information systems for manufacturing processes.
  • We are part of a group of highly specialized engineers.
  • We have the necessary equipment and tools to provide support and effective management solutions.
  • We have implemented automation solutions for various manufacturing processes in a wide variety of industries.

Automotive Industry

Unit Tracking and Punching Systems, Andon type Information System, Modernization of Control Systems, Information Systems and Process Monitoring, etc.

Food and Beverage Industry

Mixture Control Systems, Recipe Management Systems, Materials Management, Energy Monitoring and Optimization Systems, etc

Mining Industry

Materials management, Production Monitoring and Control, Information Systems, etc.

Chemical Industry

Process Control, Reactor Management, Traceability Systems, etc.

About our Courses

The courses can be offered in person, remotely, and soon online.

We have previously developed courses, which can be adjusted to the client’s needs, in terms of duration and topics being addressed.
In case of not having the requested course, we can generate and adapt it, in such a way that it meets the client’s needs.