Consulting Services

Public Relations  

Services we Provide

  • In terms of public relations, we facilitate the approach with opinion leaders, politicians, representatives of the private sector, educational institutions, organized civil society, and national and international organizations.
  • Among the services we offer in terms of interinstitutional relations are:
    • Arrangement of meetings
    • Project accompaniment
        • Design
        • Planning
        • Management
        • Implementation of Projects
    • Fundraising
    • Organization of events
    • Preparation of state and municipal plans

Specialized Services

System Integration

  • Analysis and development of projects for the implementation of information systems and automation of manufacturing processes, 100% turnkey or as far as our clients require.
  • Sale and installation of integrated control panels using programmable controllers, variable speed drivers and peripheral equipment.
  • Development of basic engineering and construction and installation plans.
  • Implementation of man-machine interfaces.
  • WEB-type development of management information systems.
  • Commissioning, start-up and fine-tuning of the developed systems.
  • Training on operation and maintenance of the developed systems, as well as training on their configuration and programming.

Consulting Services

  • Advisory and consulting services in the development of plans and strategies for the implementation of information systems and automation of manufacturing processes.

Fault Diagnosis and Correction Services

  • Troubleshooting service in the field of machines and process integrated with programmable controllers and variable speed drivers.
  • We offer annual preventative and corrective maintenance contracts to systems integrated with equipment.


  • Configuration, programming and integration courses for automation equipment. The design of the courses is theoretical and practical, which are taught using simulation stations.
  • Courses open to out clients and the general public scheduled throughout the years.
  • Special courses prepared and programmed according to the needs of our clients.

Technical Support

Support Contracts in Control and Automation Systems

  • Face-to-face Support

  • Remote Support via TeamViewer

  • Remote Support with Augmented Reality

  • Assist with AR lenses

  • Event Support

  • Annual Contracts

  • Administrative Support Staff

  • PLC’s

  • Industrial Networks

  • HMI Systems

  • Instrumentation

  • Variable Speed Drives

Simulators for Skills Development

  • PLC Based Control System
  • Control Systems Based on Variable Speed Drives
  • Control Systems with Artificial Vision
  • RFID Identification System
  • Development of simulators according to the needs of our clients

Training with Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

It is a type of training that allows to run simulations of possible real scenarios, so that the worker explores, understands and reacts physically or psychologically to a real situation.