Environmental Activities

Advising for Project Management

CROMO is a company that provides advisory services for project management, with highly qualified personnel in various areas.
CROMO is made up of a group of experts in environmental issues, fundraising and public relations, who have worked in both the public and private sectors.

Services we Provide

  • Consulting on environmental issues in the areas of air, water, soil, waste management, climate change and energy.
    • Preparation of emissions inventories, plans and strategies aimed at improving air quality, climate change and energy.
    • Design of waste management plans.
    • Design and commissioning of transfer stations and sanitary landfills.
    • Water management.
    • Wastewater management plan.
    • Construction and maintenance of wastewater plants.
  • Fundraising before Government Agencies and National and International Organizations.
  • Training courses on environmental, safety, and hygiene matters.